Of Dreams and Realities

Times are tough for new and unknown authors, whilst it is easy to get your work out there through self-publishing it’s not so easy to get people to read your work. Why should they take a chance on an author they’re not sure they will like or who might turn out to be not very good when there are plenty of well known, well reviewed authors being published by the traditional presses? Well, if no one ever tries anything new how do any authors make it?

The truth is it’s hard work. Spreading the word on social media takes a lot of time and effort and the more time you spend tweeting or blogging the less time you have for writing. Some authors are not very comfortable with socialising in the real world never mind in cyberspace and so building a platform and an army of followers is extremely daunting. Whilst the ultimate goal of a writer is to make a living from their creations it is only a lucky few who become overnight bestsellers. It might seem unfair that people are not willing to pay for something that has taken you months, possibly years of painstaking work – planning, crafting, developing, writing, editing, more writing, more editing and polishing until it is the best story it can possibly be – but if it really is as good as you think it is it will gather the readers it deserves – eventually. And the more you write the more people will notice – it’s all good practice.

The best advice I could give a new writer it is to forget the idea of becoming rich through selling millions of copies of your e-book. If you’re really a writer – a born writer – someone who must write, rather than someone who does it to make money, then sales will mean nothing to you; readers are what you want – maybe not even that, Perhaps all you need is an outlet for your creativity. Write for yourself, your own pleasure and forget everyone else.

Nel Ashley is the author of Blackfeather – a Fallen Angel Paranormal Romance  and Immortal, the second book in the Blackfeather Series. She is currently working on her third novel, Persephone Reborn, a vampire romance influenced by Greek mythology.

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