In The Beginning…

When I first got the idea for Blackfeather, over twelve years ago, it was going to be a stand alone novel about an angel exiled from Heaven for his part in causing the death of the girl he was supposed to be guarding. Through her subsequent lifetimes he would fall in love with her and she with him and at the end, when the quest had been completed he would return to Heaven. The happy ending would come when the angel, now seemingly an ordinary mortal man with no recollection of his angelic heritage, walked into her place of work as the new employee and they began their relationship anew.

It was all a bit too neat and tidy, a bit twee and quite unsatisfactory. I got to thinking was he really mortal now, why didn’t he remember, what if there was a reason he couldn’t remember and for some reason he was made to? And so the possibility of a sequel was formed.

By the time Blackfeather was written the ending had changed quite considerably. That vague possibility of a sequel had formed into an entirely new plot with new characters, both good and evil and a few in between and so readers were left at the end of Blackfeather with the satisfaction of a quest completed and a whole new adventure about to begin.

Those of you who follow my Facebook page will have spotted the new cover photo (shown below) and I hope will be feeling a bit excited. It’s taken a long time in coming, my last post was an apology for the delay in publishing Immortal, but you’ll be happy to know we are almost there.

It is true that Blackfeather started out as one story that changed over the course of its writing and the same is true for Immortal. The original premise I started with is now unrecognisable. Only I will ever know what the original drafts looked like, but I can say that it is a much better book than it would have been twelve years ago and I hope when you get to read it that you think so too.


coming soon immortal


Nel Ashley is the author of Blackfeather – a Fallen Angel Paranormal Romance  and Immortal, the second book in the Blackfeather Series. She is currently working on her third novel, Persephone Reborn, a vampire romance influenced by Greek mythology.

You can also connect with Nel on Facebook and Twitter


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