Blackfeather – Epilogue

Ashrafel hung suspended in a firmament of nothingness. Kate was finally free of the curse he had inflicted upon her and could now go forwards into a life of blissful uncertainty. He had to let her go and would miss sharing her life in his physical form, but he would always be with her as her guardian, whispering words of love and encouragement on her chosen life path.

He waited for the pull, up and away, towards a Heaven he had been absent from for five centuries. He waited, but it didn’t come. There was no sound, no light, no anything here, in between one thing and another, between Earth and Heaven. He waited.

He was starting to panic now. Had he done something wrong after all? Was this his punishment for sleeping with Kate?

He tried to cry out, but could make no sound, and then he felt it. The pull. He was relieved, but only for a moment and then he was panicking again, struggling against the invisible force that drew him inexorably downwards. He became heavy and a great weariness permeated his whole being. The sensation was familiar, something he had experienced briefly a long time ago.

No!, he thought. It can’t be!

It wasn’t to God that he cried out to save him, his last thought, before he sank into a black oblivion, was of the woman he loved.

“Kate, please help me.”


The End


Kate and Ashrafel’s story continues in the sequel Immortal

Buy Blackfeather & Immortal


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