About Me


Nel Ashley is a writer of paranormal romance, mystery and myth. She weaves elements of all three into her work, taking our ordinary, everyday world and turning it into a place where you can meet angels, faeries and gods, or slip through the cracks into otherworlds.

Her first novel, Blackfeather, is a fast paced paranormal romance with historical elements, vividly brought to life with well researched detail. A cast of strong characters pull the reader along through a thrilling and sophisticated philosophical drama that unfolds against the backdrop of a five hundred year long love story.

Immortal, the second of the Blackfeather Books, is a story of romance and suspense where the hidden world of angels and demons interacts with our own in an age old battle of good and evil.

She is currently writing her third novel, Persephone Reborn, a vampire romance with touches of Greek mythology.

Born in Yorkshire, Nel currently lives in Liverpool, England where she studies English and History at the University of Liverpool.