Blackfeather Books Extras

There were lots of things I couldn’t include in the Blackfeather novels, Ashrafel’s diary entries for Kate’s other lives, timelines and family trees, among other things. Instead you’ll find them all here

Timeline of a Soul – When Kate finds the box hidden in the floor of All Soul’s Church she counts twelve daisies with diamonds fixed into their centres. Later she learns that each diamond represents a life she has lived before. Only four of these lives were included in the novel so I have produced this timeline which shows all of Kate’s lives from Catherine Whittle in the 15th Century to her own in the present day.

Ashrafel’s Playlist – Curious to know which songs Ash chose to include on his playlist? This is where you’ll find them

The Markham Family Tree – For the curious genealogists among you, a family tree showing Evelyn and Sebastian’s parents and descendants up to the present day.

An A – Z Companion – Ever wanted to visit a place you’ve read about in a fiction book. Well now you can. Blackfeather is set in York, England and features real places. Some of the names and details have been changed for the book, but here you will find all the background information, pictures of actual locations and events and insider information on the real places behind the story.

Pinterest Inspiration Board – An author tries his or her best to describe their characters in a way that their readers can visualise in their own minds. Often authors get their inspiration for their characters looks and the places in their stories from real life. I’ve set up a pinterest board as my version of a storyboard. It’s how I see my characters and manage to keep things like eye colour and hair length consistent. A lot of the places used in Blackfeather and Immortal are real locations – the book is set in York, Yorkshire, England.

Check it out and tell me how it compares with your idea of what the characters look like.


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