Blackfeather The Untold Stories


The Untold Stories

untold stories cover  Synopsis 

Eight Untold Stories from the first Blackfeather novel. Read the missing entries from Ashrafel’s diary detailing Kate’s reincarnations through the five hundred years he has been watching over her. These stories have been gathered together in one volume for fans of the Blackfeather Series of books. 

This collection of eight short stories complete the stories of Kate’s lives that couldn’t be included in Blackfeather, the first novel of the Blackfeather Series. They are told in the form of Ashrafel’s diary entries and In some cases they feature real historical places and people, for instance in Rosalind’s Tale, The Swan Theatre did indeed exist in London before William Shakespeare’s Globe was built; Lady Charlotte is based on the real life exploits of Lady Caroline or Catherine Ferrers, who dressed as a highwayman when she became bored of her marriage. In Mary’s tale, we meet James Esdaile, a real life nineteenth century mesmerist and most people will be familiar with St Mary’s Hospital, otherwise known as Bethlehem Hospital or Bedlam. 

You will enjoy the stories more if you have read Blackfeather first and are familiar with the story of Ashrafel, the angel exiled from Heaven for his part in the death of a young girl in the sixteenth century and Kate, the reincarnation of that girl, who must find a way to send Ash back home before Lucifer can steal his soul. Her task made all the more difficult when the two of them fall in love.


The Untold Stories