Immortal – Blackfeather Book 2


Book 2 of the Blackfeather Novels

Immortal Final Cover 5 x 8 


Ash is missing! The Watchers are dying and Heaven has closed its gates.

Immortality has not been good to Malachi. Being Lucifer’s messenger has brought him nothing but misery and a longing for his own oblivion.

Having failed once before in his bid to be released from eternal life  and setting in motion the events that exiled Ashrafel from Heaven and bound Kate’s soul to the Angel Killer, Malachi is about to be given a second chance. Waiting in the shadows, he finally acquires the soul that Lucifer has wanted for so long. Now all he has to do is kill a thousand Watchers, keep a broken angel from really going off the rails and prevent him from being reunited with his one true love.

But there’s more than one kind of second chance. What will happen to Lucifer’s diabolical plan for a Godless world when Malachi is offered an immortality of a different kind?



The demon’s lip curled and he stepped forward, hand raised to strike again, but Lucifer gripped his arm.

Now, now, Malphas, don’t ruin his pretty face.’

Ash scowled, his eyes narrowing as he looked from one to the other trying to work out what Lucifer wanted with him. Lucifer merely grinned, tight-lipped, giving nothing away, but his henchman was much less guarded with his thoughts and threw up barriers too late to stop the angel taking a quick glance into his mind. What he saw made Ashrafel raise one eyebrow in a questioning curve. Did Lucifer hope to turn him? He turned back to Lucifer, something between a sneer and a lopsided grin beginning to form on his own face.

‘I’ll never work for you, Lucifer, no matter what you do.’

Lucifer’s smile disappeared. He threw a look of contempt at Malphas that made the demon gulp.

‘Yes you will, Ashrafel.’

‘Torture me all you want, I’ll never surrender.’

‘I don’t need to torture you, my beautiful boy. Though that will come,’ he said, circling behind Ashrafel’s chair. He placed his hands on the angel’s shoulders and leaned close to whisper in his ear.

‘I have bigger plans for you.’

Then he raked his fingernails across Ash’s right cheek, slicing through the flesh and leaving three lines of bright red blood beading on the skin. Ash sucked in his breath, but did not cry out.

Malphas sniggered.

‘Yeah, just you wait and see what we’re going to make you….’

‘Shut up! Malphas,’ Lucifer snarled.

The demon wisely clamped his mouth shut.

Lucifer took a deep breath and regained his composure. He smoothed down the front of his already immaculate white suit and smiled again, patting Ashrafel’s shoulder amiably.

‘All in good time my boy, but enough of that.’ He paused, his eyes glinting with amusement as he looked appreciatively round the room. ‘Well, isn’t this cosy,’ he said. ‘I expect Kate will be feeling very lonely without you.’

The corner of Malphas’s mouth began to twitch, but he kept himself under control, desperate to avoid any more of Lucifer’s wrath.

Ash’s jaw tightened, his fingers clenched tightly around the chair causing the shackles to bite into the flesh at each wrist.

‘You touch her and I’ll kill you and every demon that follows you.’

Lucifer turned his back on him and sauntered towards the door. It opened without a touch. As he left the room he waved his hand dismissively over his shoulder and without a backwards glance said,

‘When I’ve finished with you, you won’t even remember her, Ashrafel.’

‘What do you mean by that?’

Lucifer ignored the question and slipped out of the room letting the door swing closed behind him.

‘LUCIFER!’ Ash screamed, struggling against the shackles and rocking the chair from side to side, ignoring the sickening smell of burning flesh. ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN?’

With Lucifer gone there was no one to hold Malphas in check. Ashrafel barely had time to draw breath before Malphas’s fist slammed into his face again and again until finally, he blacked out.