Would You Be Tempted by Immortality?

Immortal Final Cover 5 x 8   The title character of my latest novel, Immortal, is a man who has lived for two thousand years.  Tricked into a deal with Lucifer he has spent immortality as the instigator of disaster and a cause of  chaos in the human world. Given the name Malachi, meaning messenger or prophet, he has almost  forgotten his real name or how he became Lucifer’s pet. All he knows is that he hates what he must  do, but to refuse would mean losing his soul to the eternal torments of Hell for far longer than he has  been alive.

   The inspiration for Malachi comes from a biblical character called “the rich man’s son”. When he  asks Jesus how he can enter the kingdom of Heaven and be given eternal life he is told that he must  renounce his worldly wealth, give up his possessions to the poor and follow Jesus. Only then will he  be rewarded with riches in Heaven.

   The young man cannot accept this, he doesn’t want to give up his comfortable life and I found  myself wondering what he would do if he was offered immortality under different terms. If someone, a stranger, had told him he could not only keep the wealth he already had but accrue even more, be powerful and attractive and spend the rest of time doing anything he wanted in return for nothing more than a few “little jobs” as and when necessary – would he be tempted? Would he resist and question the stranger’s motives? Or would he jump at the chance to live forever?

Once the deal is done it cannot be taken back and Malachi finds himself in an impossible situation. Forced to do Lucifer’s bidding Malachi is at first appalled, but the ever present threat of Hell’s horrors keeps him at his post. Shunned by his own kind he comes to hate humanity and vows to carry out his work with zeal, but revenge is not so sweet and overtime this hatred turns to self loathing and a desire for oblivion.

We have met Malachi once before in Blackfeather, the first book in the series, where his role was to persuade Thomas Whittle to kill an angel and win immortality for himself. Without Malachi’s interference Catherine Whittle would not have died and Ashrafel would not have been exiled from Heaven. Now, five hundred years later, he meets Ashrafel again and all Hell could break loose.

Over the next few posts I’ll explain Malachi’s involvement in some of history’s disasters.

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Nel Ashley is the author of Blackfeather – a Fallen Angel Paranormal Romance  and Immortal, the second book in the Blackfeather Series. She is currently working on her third novel, Persephone Reborn, a vampire romance influenced by Greek mythology.

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We Need To Talk! – Another Immortal Excerpt.

She had made up her mind before Brian finished speaking and was now driving towards York. The dream, coupled with what Brian had told her on the phone had not only piqued her curiosity, but had kindled the first glimmer of hope since “the incident”.

Ignoring Brian and the curious looks that James and Nathan threw her way, she hung up her coat and frowned down at the piles of work on her desk.

‘Alright, Kate?’ James said.

‘Hmm,’ she grunted.

‘Happy New Year,’ Nathan offered.

She gave him a non-committal look before grunting once more then gathered an armful of folders and moved them from one side of the table to the other. They twisted in her arms and before she could recover several files began to fall, spilling their contents across the desk and onto the floor. The boys stepped forwards to help, but she held up her hand and waved them back. With a sigh she bent to pick the papers up noticing a sealed, slim white envelope among them. It was addressed to her, beautifully handwritten in a flowing script that reminded her of the engraving on the silver casket. Her pulse quickened as she tore it open and reached inside, something silky brushed her skin and her fingers curled away from it. The colour drained from her face. She already knew what it was before pulling it out into the light – a jet black feather. Along with this unmistakable calling card was a note, written in the same hand that had addressed the envelope.

We need to talk!

She flipped the note over. There was no signature, but the reverse had an altogether cheekier and not at all angelic message.

p.s. I wouldn’t have waited five hundred years 😉

Incredulous she raised an eyebrow, if the note hadn’t come from Ash, then who? Were her colleagues playing a joke on her? She looked quickly round at them, but neither James nor Nathan had ever known Ash and Brian no longer seemed to remember him. There was only one other possibility. The image of a tall, dark stranger standing with Ash at the bottom of her garden came to mind. Could the message be from the Watcher she had unknowingly met in Monty’s Rock Club the night she had gone to meet Brian and found Ash instead?

But Ash was gone. Wasn’t he?

Surely there was nothing more to say. Unless…


Behind her, the boys, who had been chatting quietly, suddenly became silent, listening instead to the sound of steady footsteps approaching the door. Kate stuffed the note and feather back into the envelope and slid it out of sight between the folders just as the handle began to turn. The sound of Brian clearing his throat caught her attention and he gestured at her to close her gawping mouth. As she slowly turned her eyes back to the door she was gripped with an uncanny sense of déjà-vu.

The man in the doorway looked round at the four silent, expectant faces before him. He was tall, blonde and pushed his wayward fringe off his face to reveal green eyes. But the resemblance to Ash ended there and Kate let out the breath she’d been holding and flopped onto her chair in disappointment. Though his eyes were green, they were pale and unremarkable, with no spark of fire in them and handsome as the young man was, Kate felt no attraction to him, no connection at all. The hope she had nurtured that Ash had found a way to return to her blew away like a paper bag in a storm.

The man stepped forward, held his hand out to Brian and said,

‘Hello, I’m looking for Peter Sharpe.’

It was enough to make Kate want to scream.

‘Sam,’ said a perfectly pleasant, but ordinary voice above her. When she looked up he was grinning at her, a puckered, thin, pale scar ran from beneath his right eye along his cheekbone and disappeared into his hairline. It was fine, but jagged and spoiled the symmetry of his face and Kate stared at it until she realised he had offered her his hand and she shook it, giving him a weak smile.

‘Kate,’ she said, her voice husky with unshed tears, grateful when he moved on to the boys.

She stood up, put on her coat, shouldered her bag and was taking the envelope with its mysterious message from between the files when Brian said,

‘Why don’t you give Sam the guided tour, Kate?’

She glared at him, why was he picking on her? Couldn’t he see all she wanted was to get out of there? He simply folded his arms and sat on the edge of his desk as though he could wait forever. Kate sighed. Brian had done a lot for her the last couple of weeks, not least arranging the rebuilding of her living room wall and replacing the French windows. He’d removed the blasted, twisted remains of the cherry tree too and planted the rhododendron bush in its place, though he didn’t seem to remember any of it. She knew she owed him a favour. So, instead of running back home to hide from the world she took off her coat, laid it over the back of her chair and turned reluctantly towards Sam.

‘Come on, I’ll show you how things work around here.’

After a couple of hours Kate had come to a disturbing conclusion about their new colleague. Sam Hale had arrived fresh from a postgraduate degree, newly accredited and completely clueless. She had spent most of the morning, not only showing him where everything was, but explaining exactly how genealogy and probate worked. She wondered exactly what it was that had persuaded Peter to employ him. In the end she had set him to work searching the censuses for one of her probate cases and left him to it. If there were any problems Brian could sort it out.

Spread across her desk was what remained of The Markham Family Tree. She stared at it for several minutes a frown of anguish on her face as she remembered the close connection she shared with the names on the list then buried her face in her hands at the futility of it all. When she emerged she was surprised to find Sam watching her. She shut the folder and flung it in the top drawer of her desk. Sam was still staring in her direction and continued to do so until she started to feel self-conscious and began to squirm beneath his gaze. At that moment the sun chose to peek out from behind a cloud and a strange shaft of light lanced the room illuminating Sam’s face. His eyes suddenly flared with incandescent green fire that sparked and glittered the way she knew only Ash’s could do. Kate, transfixed, watched in shock as Sam’s whole face seemed to metamorphose into an altogether more familiar face.

Throughout the whole extraordinary episode he simply gazed back at her as though nothing out of the ordinary was taking place, and then he smiled at her, that warm, loving, lopsided grin that she missed so very much and before she knew it Kate was on her feet, her chair toppling over behind her. The clatter it made seemed to break the spell and as quickly as it had come, the light faded. Sam was just Sam again and Ash’s face was just a memory.

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Nel Ashley is the author of Blackfeather – a Fallen Angel Paranormal Romance  and Immortal, the second book in the Blackfeather Series. She is currently working on her third novel, Persephone Reborn, a vampire romance influenced by Greek mythology.

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Immortal – Extract From Chapter Five

She was dreaming again. The same dream she’d had every night since “the incident” -whether he’d ascended to Heaven or not she’d had to kill him for him to do so, but she couldn’t bring herself to say Ash’s death. She was standing in the church with the dagger in her hand.

The Angel Killer flashed silver as it caught the light from the moon that streamed through the stained glass windows, drenching it and her arm in red like an omen of what was to come. Before her, Ash hung, Christ like, from the chains that kept him weak and immobile. He watched her, calmly waiting for her to come to him and smiled in encouragement. She took a step forward looking up into his eyes so full of love for her that it broke her heart.

‘Please, don’t make me do this,’ she begged.

‘It’s alright, Kate,’ he said, softly. ‘I’ll always be with you.’

She placed the point of the dagger against his chest then plunged it into the heart of the man she loved. The blood pumped out of the wound, flowing over her hands and across the floor of the church, chasing her as she danced backwards before it could reach her feet.

Every night, she would back away until she could go no further. Ash would be gone, but the blood kept coming. It would soak into her shoes, filling up the church like flood water, then rise to her ankles, her knees, her waist. When it reached her chin she would throw back her head, taking one last gulp of air as it covered her head. When she screamed, it rushed down her throat, choking her, filling her lungs, drowning her, until she woke coughing, spluttering and sobbing. But this time the dream changed. Just as the blood touched her shoes Ash called to her.

‘Kate,’ he cried.

She looked up startled to see him standing there, free of the chains, his eyes fading from a brilliant viridian to the dull green of a stormy sea. The knife wound she had made in his chest had disappeared, but there were others now and he was badly beaten as though he’d been outnumbered in a violent fight. He was dying and reached out to her, but she couldn’t move towards him, the blood, thick and viscous was already rising up her legs. She felt about her, expecting to feel the cold, hard stone of the wall behind her, but it wasn’t there and she caught herself teetering on the edge of a massive canyon while the blood rushed over the edge like a waterfall and curled away into the black void below.

‘KATE!’ Ashrafel screamed her name again and she tore her gaze away from the gaping hole behind her, cringing at the desperation in his voice.

His frightened eyes searched this way and that and she realised he couldn’t see her. She would have to move forward, against the flow of blood if she was to stop herself from being swept over the edge. The floor was slippery underfoot and it was beginning to crumble. Her fingers groped for the edge of a nearby church pew, but it was too far away and she knew there was nothing she could do. She threw one last look towards the angel. His massive black wings extended out on either side of him, in his hand he held the blue sword he had once fought demons with. She’d never seen him look so angry. The intensity of his rage made her gasp then he raised his hand and slammed his fist into some invisible barrier.

There was just time to raise her hands protectively in front of her face before the whole scene burst outwards, showering her in shards of glass. And she fell.

Kate plummeted through the darkness like Alice down the rabbit hole, except she knew at the bottom there would be no wondrous world of talking animals and magic potions. She closed her eyes and waited for the jolt.

Didn’t people who dreamed they were falling usually wake up before they hit the bottom? she thought. She had read once that those who didn’t died in their sleep. But did they know they were dreaming before their hearts stopped? she wondered.

She opened her eyes. She was still falling through space, but she was slowing and had somehow turned in mid-air until she was falling feet first, floating downwards, coming to rest in the chair at her desk at work.

James, Nathan and Brian stood behind her, all of them looking eagerly towards the door, waiting for something or someone. As she watched, the doorknob began to turn and all of them held their breath. It opened so slowly that she began to give it some impatient encouragement.

‘Come on Come on,’ she whispered through gritted teeth

Eventually a figure stepped through, still obscured by shadow until they were suddenly caught in a weird shaft of light, as though someone had turned a spotlight on them. At the last moment she had closed her eyes, afraid to see who had entered, but forced herself to raise her eyes, at last, to the face of the stranger. The shock made her jaw drop. Brian gestured at her to close her mouth, but her heart soared.

The man that stood in the office doorway was tall, blonde, with flashing green eyes and an adorable lopsided grin. It was Ash! He pushed the flop of fringe from off his face and said,

‘Hello, I’m looking for Peter Sharpe.’


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Nel Ashley is the author of Blackfeather – a Fallen Angel Paranormal Romance  and Immortal, the second book in the Blackfeather Series. She is currently working on her third novel, Persephone Reborn, a vampire romance influenced by Greek mythology.

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Immortal Book Extract Chapter One

The figure, perched on the highest point of York Minster, had his eyes closed and his arms outstretched as though he was about to take a swan dive off the building. If the tiny figures below, intent on checking their texts and posting morning selfies, had looked skywards he would have drawn quite a crowd, but humans rarely bother to look up.

“Where are you little brother?” the figure said, sending the thought out far and wide in all directions.

He crouched, looking out over the city and waited for an answer. He had been searching for more than two weeks now, asking the same question over and over with only silence in return. No one knew where Ashrafel was. No one had seen him, sensed him, or even heard a rumour. The only word from above was that Ash had not returned home, but they could not tell him where he had gone instead. Could not or would not? The Watcher thought the latter. How could they not know where he was? He got the distinct impression he was being fobbed off.

Careful not to tell him an outright lie but evasive enough that he learned nothing, he had pestered them to the point that they no longer bothered to answer him at all.

Well, he could play games too, he knew better than anyone how to bend the rules and he had no intention of leaving his investigations there. There were other ways to find out what he wanted to know. He would just have to get creative.

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Nel Ashley is the author of Blackfeather – a Fallen Angel Paranormal Romance  and Immortal, the second book in the Blackfeather Series. She is currently working on her third novel, Persephone Reborn, a vampire romance influenced by Greek mythology.

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To Celebrate World Book Day…

O, How you have fallen from heaven, Lucifer, Shining Star, Son of the Dawn! You have been cast down to the earth.

Isaiah 14:12

Immortal Final Cover 5 x 8

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Nel Ashley is the author of Blackfeather – a Fallen Angel Paranormal Romance  and Immortal, the second book in the Blackfeather Series. She is currently working on her third novel, Persephone Reborn, a vampire romance influenced by Greek mythology.

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What’s Your Super Power?

Angel Abilities Part 1

Continuing the explanation of how supernatural beings and events work in the Blackfeather Series of books.

Manipulation, Mind Reading and Invisibility

The angelic beings in Blackfeather, be they fallen angels, watchers or demons, all possess a wide range of abilities and put them to use in various situations.


This subtle ability is used on humans and animals in order to achieve a certain outcome. For instance, you may suddenly find yourself thinking what a great idea it would be to visit a certain place, only to find when you arrive that an old friend you haven’t seen for years is also there.Kate is manipulated several times in the book and so are those around her. In the church, Ash’s brother cajoles her into digging up the box and suggests she takes it home. When she becomes resistant to this idea he becomes more forceful and compels her to take it. He is, of course, a Watcher and is acting in the best interests of his brother, but he might well be breaking angelic laws over this and have to face consequences later. Ash, as a fallen angel, possesses this power too and uses it to gently persuade Brian to leave the nightclub instead of fighting him and later he uses it on a wider scale to influence the crowds at the Festival of Angels. Under his guidance the crowd parts to allow himself and Kate, who has a fear of crowds and small places, through unhindered, and later he compels diners to leave a busy pub so that he and Kate can get a table and have dinner together. Demons would use this power for nefarious ends and to manipulate people into committing anything from petty theft to horrific crimes and acts of violence.

Of course, humans have free will and so could easily resist this manipulation if they so wished. Angelic beings can merely suggest a course of action, it would be no use for a demon to suggest murder, for instance, to someone totally opposed to this action.


Angelic beings can read minds and converse telepathically with each other and with non-angelic beings. Kate hears Ash’s voice before she even meets him and is unnerved by his intrusion into her private thoughts. He tries to respect her privacy, but as her guardian angel he has a much closer bond with her and finds it difficult to close off entirely.This short extract from Blacfeather is a moment from early on in Kate and Ash’s relationship, shortly after she finds out what he really is:

It unnerved her, the way he knew she was there, even with his back to her and his earphones in. She wasn’t going to argue with him and watched as he dished up a generous helping of baked beans. He was humming a tune she knew well now and it sounded good. Good enough for a choir.

Choir of angels, said a voice in her head.

He placed the plate in front of her and poured real coffee from her mother’s best silver coffee pot, then looked up to find her wary eyes on him.

“Sorry, I’ll try not to intrude.”

This ability becomes very useful if you want to conduct a private conversation that can’t be overheard by others. It is also great for communicating over vast distances. Angelic beings may have the means to block or divert other angelics from their mind at will. Most demons do this as a matter of course, as they don’t even trust their own brethren.


All angels are, for the most part invisible to humans and only show themselves on rare occasions, fallen angels, demons and Watchers are “clothed” in physical bodies that can be seen as clearly as any other human, but can vanish and hide themselves from sight at will. For Ash, this is a very useful power, especially when danger is nearby or when his presence will be awkward for Kate. Of course, for us, it means that we can be watched at any and all times by beings unseen, whether they be friend or adversary. We will discover some more angel abilities in the next post

Nel Ashley is the author of Blackfeather – a Fallen Angel Paranormal Romance  and Immortal, the second book in the Blackfeather Series. She is currently working on her third novel, Persephone Reborn, a vampire romance influenced by Greek mythology.

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Angels – The Good, The Bad and the Misunderstood.

This post takes another look at some of the themes in the Blackfeather universe in order to clarify how some of the mythic beings and characters fit into the story. These may be different to the generally held beliefs about these beings in the real world.



Lucifer photo credit: felipe gabaldon

As mentioned in the previous angel lore post, angels or more precisely, guardian angels, shadow their human charges from birth. They are invisible, unless they choose to show themselves and reside in an etheric or energy body on a higher plane than our own.

There are many different types of angels, or hierarchies, but they don’t feature in Blackfeather so I won’t go into them here.


There are only one thousand Watchers on earth at any given time. They do not age, but inhabit semi-physical bodies that can be “killed” in one of three ways; self sacrifice for a human life, breaking the neck and an angelic sword, otherwise damage to the body heals within moments. They retain many of their angelic powers (more of this in a later post), but spend most of their time visible and look just like any other human being. The only things that give them away are their taller than average height and their eyes, which have intensely coloured irises and an oddly mesmeric effect on anyone who stares too long into them.
The primary mission of these supernatural beings is to prevent Lucifer and his demons from having too much influence on the earthly realm. As we mentioned in our previous post, there are many instances where humans have reported miraculous escapes from life threatening situations and have walked away without a scratch from certain death. It is The Watchers they have to thank for their good fortune. A Watcher will voluntarily take the place of a human in such a situation and appear to “die”in his place. His angelic soul then returns to heaven and another takes his place thus maintaining the balance between good and evil.
Whilst they roam the earth, Watchers are, to all intents and purposes exempt from normal angelic rules. They can partake in all earthly pleasures, including sex. In fact one Watcher in particular enjoys his time on earth so much that he has avoided returning home for many, many hundreds, if not thousands, of years.
Watchers and fallen angels can tune in to the location of all their brethren around the globe, no matter where they are and can communicate with one or all of them, telepathically. They can sense the presence of demons but demons cannot sense them. A distinct advantage in the Watchers’ favour.
They rarely advertise their true nature by displaying their wings, but if they do, you will find they are black.
Fallen angels are angels exiled from Heaven for certain misdemeanours or crimes.
They share all the characteristics of The Watchers, but a fallen angel has one purpose while on earth and that is to right the wrong he has done and redeem himself to God’s satisfaction. Only then will he be allowed to return home, to Heaven. A fallen angel (and The Watchers), will do their best to blend in with the era in which they find themselves, and they have even been known to take a job if it will further their cause.
Fallen angels are rare. At the present time there is only one fallen angel on earth and that is our hero, Ashrafel.
Their wings are also black.
A demon is very similar to a fallen angel in so far as he is exiled from Heaven for crimes against God and, they too, inhabit physical bodies. However, demons cannot redeem themselves and return to Heaven. They are classed as “unforgivable” and will never be allowed home. Demons can also be “killed” releasing their demonic souls from their bodies, at which time they return to Hell and rebuild the body they inhabited or choose a new physical human representation to inhabit.
Demons came into being when Lucifer rebelled against God. He and his followers were banished from Heaven, but they also retain angel-like powers. They cause much mischief on earth. It is the domain of The Watchers to prevent this mischief thus preventing Lucifer from gaining a strong foothold here. Demons are extremely vain, are almost always well dressed and supremely arrogant. Their wings are black shot through with red. Some say this is to represent the human blood they have spilled, Lucifer’s are completely red.
All angelic and demonic souls are indestructible by all except one weapon. An angel’s sword. During the war in Heaven all angels carried such weapons and The Watchers and Ashrafel still have access to their swords in an etheric, less deadly format and only use them in extreme circumstances, but they were confiscated from Lucifer’s army after he was defeated by Michael. Only the legendary Malakh Rozeach – The Angel Killer – persists in its physical form here on earth. It is a most deadly weapon for it not only releases the soul of an angel or demon, it can also destroy that soul.
It is virtually impossible to tell any of these beings apart, so if you pass an incredibly handsome young man in the street, who is taller than the average human and whose eyes are of an unusually bright colour, you may be looking at a Watcher, a demon or a fallen angel, so be on your guard until you are 100% certain of their intentions.

Nel Ashley is the author of Blackfeather – a Fallen Angel Paranormal Romance  and Immortal, the second book in the Blackfeather Series. She is currently working on her third novel, Persephone Reborn, a vampire romance influenced by Greek mythology.

You can also connect with Nel on Facebook and Twitter